Food Safety

Pew addresses a variety of threats from the nation’s food supply and to the healthfulness of what kids eat at school. Our projects advance science-based policies based on solid research that seek to limit the impact of foodborne illnesses, improve the nutritional quality and safety of food sold and served in U.S. schools, curb the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms, and assess the risks associated with chemicals added to food and its packaging.

  • Food Additives

    The food additives project evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the current U.S. federal regulatory system by studying the safety of chemicals that are commonly added to food, and by evaluating the adequacy of the underlying laws and policies used to control any risks from those substances.
  • Food Safety

    People need to have confidence in the U.S. food supply and a safety system that is based on prevention and scientifically sound risk assessment and management, as well as reliable, comprehensive data. The Food Safety project seeks to reduce health risks from foodborne pathogens by strengthening federal government authority and the enforcement of food safety laws.
  • Human Health and Industrial Farming

    Pew's campaign on human health and industrial farming is working to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by phasing out the overuse and misuse of the drugs in food animal production. We work with public health and food industry leaders, veterinarians, agricultural interestes, academics, and citizen groups who share our objective of protecting human and animal health.
  • School Food

    Safe and nutritious school food is critical to improving children’s health and reducing their risk for serious chronic diseases, rates of childhood obesity, and foodborne illness. The Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project advocates for stronger safety standards and necessary resources to ensure every school across the nation is serving its students food that is good for them.

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