Family Financial Security

Financial products and services are crucial in helping millions of Americans spend, save, borrow, and invest their money. Yet many contain hidden risks that can increase debt, drain savings, and damage credit.

Pew works to ensure the financial products many consumers use every day including checking accounts, credit cards, and small-dollar loans, are safe, fair, and transparent for all consumers.

  • Safe Small Dollar Loans Research Project

    The Safe Small Dollar Loans Research Project, a Financial Security Portfolio initiative, develops research-based policy solutions to protect Americans from risky small-dollar, short-term loans such as payday, automobile title, tax refund anticipation loans and similar financial products.  The project promotes safe and affordable alternatives to meet consumers’ immediate financial needs.
  • Safe Checking in the Electronic Age

    The Safe Checking in the Electronic Age Project, a project of the Financial Security Portfolio, seeks to raise public awareness, build partnerships with industry and advocate for policies that better protect and inform American checking accountholders. The initiative will educate the public and policy makers by analyzing current overdraft and deposit practices, disclosure provisions and the true cost of checking accounts.
  • Prepaid Cards Research Project

    Pew's Prepaid Cards Research Project builds awareness about the general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid cards marketplace including how and why consumers use them.

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