The world’s wildest places, the last refuges for nature, are under constant pressure from population growth and associated resource development, including logging, mining and oil and gas drilling. Protecting these global treasures is a difficult challenge, but it is one we must meet. The fate of so many of the world’s endangered species is at risk. Pew invests in public education and advocacy efforts to mobilize support for protection of some of the world’s last great wilderness and forests on public lands in North America and around the world.

In addition, Pew takes its lands work to the farm with efforts to address the broken, unhealthy and unsustainable practices common to many of the largest industrial animal production facilities in America.

  • International

    Pew's efforts in the international arena focus on protecting the Canadian boreal forest, large tracts of Australia's terrestrial and marine environment and some of the developing world's most ecologically important remaining wilderness areas.
  • United States

    Pew works to protect wilderness areas and public lands, often in remote and roadless areas of the United States.

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