Public Opinion

The Pew Research Center conducts public opinion research that helps inform national dialogues on a wide range of topics.  Its polls assess Americans’ attitudes on domestic policy, economics, elections, foreign policy, the news media, computer technology, religion and social trends. Its projects also cover global public opinion and the status and views of Latinos in the United States.

The center’s reports offer a wealth of data about how people live and what they think, and are widely cited by policy makers, journalists and researchers as well as advocates from across the political spectrum.

The Pew Research Center carries out its public opinion research, news and analysis through its individual initiatives, including:

The Pew Research Center is a subsidiary of Pew and is based in Washington, D.C. As a non-advocacy organization, the center does not take positions on issues.

For more information, visit the Pew Research Center Web site.

  • Demography

    The Pew Research Center studies population and immigration trends.
  • Domestic Policy

    The Pew Research Center studies public opinion and conducts other research on a wide range of domestic policy questions, including abortion, energy matters and gun control.
  • Economics

    The Pew Research Center carries out public opinion polling on public attitudes on the economy, labor, personal finance and consumer behavior.
  • Foreign Policy and Global Attitudes

    International public opinion and Americans’ views of national security and other foreign policy issues are key areas of investigation by multiple projects of the Pew Research Center.
  • Legal

    The Pew Research Center collects data, conducts surveys and prepares backgrounders on legal cases and issues before the U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts in the United States.
  • The Millennials

    The Pew Research Center's yearlong series of original reports will explore the behaviors, values and opinions of today's teens and twenty-somethings.
  • News Media

    The Pew Research Center studies and tracks the American public’s attitudes toward the news media and how individuals use news media channels.
  • Politics and Elections

    Politics and election polling data are a primary focus of the Pew Research Center. Its surveys cover citizens’ perceptions of political candidates as well as public attitudes on major issues in upcoming elections.
  • Research Methodology

    The Pew Research Center is a leader in studying methodological issues in polling, such as exit polling, the reliability of data, the impact of Americans’ growing reliance on cell phones and other trends in data gathering.
  • Social Trends

    Social trends reports by the Pew Research Center explore the behaviors of Americans in their everyday lives — family, community, health, finance, work and leisure — and their attitudes in those areas.

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