Pew works to protect ocean life through conserving marine species and ecosystems. We focus on promoting sustainable fisheries, safeguarding sensitive marine habitats, and protecting vulnerable marine biodiversity.  Pew supports and applies the best science and analyses to inform policy solutions at all levels, from local and national governments to intergovernmental fora.


  • Marine Conservation Campaigns

    Through marine conservation campaigns, Pew advocates for the appropriate management of fisheries and protection of ocean wildlife, including marine mammals, birds and invertebrates.
  • Ocean Science Division

    Pew is a leading supporter of scientific marine research that will inform policy decisions about the problems faced by the world’s oceans.
  • Policy

    Pew works to halt the destruction of the world’s marine life, with an emphasis on conservation measures to prevent the depletion of global fisheries.
  • Campaign for Healthy Oceans

    The increasing industrialization of our oceans threatens the fragile health of marine ecosystems. When poorly planned or managed, drilling for oil and natural gas in federal waters developing aquaculture and building wind, wave and tidal energy facilities can damage America's underwater environment.

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