1985 Pew Scholar Wins Prestigious Lasker Award

Publication: San Francisco Chronicle

Author: Victoria Colliver

09/09/2013 -

  Watch the video interview with Richard Scheller.

Watch the video interview with Richard Scheller.
"The Lasker Awards, announced Monday, are among the most coveted science prizes in the world and have sometimes been dubbed 'America's Nobels.' Eighty-three Lasker winners have gone on to win the Nobel Prize, including 31 in the last two decades.

'I am stunned and ecstatic by the award, and very much look forward to the event,' Südhof said in an e-mail, referring to the Sept. 20 ceremony in New York honoring the scientists. 'It is the biggest honor I have ever received - although I am not sure I deserve it, I gladly accept it.'

Genentech officials said Scheller was out of the country and unavailable for comment.

While the two scientists work in the same area of research and their findings overlap, they've never collaborated but consider each other friends, Südhof said.

Scheller's Lasker-winning work was conducted at Stanford, where he was a faculty member from 1982 to 2001. Südhof, who joined Stanford in 2008, did his research at the University of Texas-Southwestern in Dallas, where he spent most of the prior two decades.

At Genentech, Scheller, 59, is responsible for overseeing the strategy for the biotech company's research, drug discovery and early development activities." 

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