The Junk Food Loophole in USDA's Regulations

Publication: Lost Angeles Times

04/10/2013 - "The U.S. Department of Agriculture is ending a 60-day public comment period on a proposed slate of rules to govern the sale of ‘smart snacks in school.' First unveiled on Feb. 1, the new rules "will help to ensure all foods and beverages sold in schools contribute to a healthy diet,' the agency said."

"Among the many groups that have weighed in on the proposed rules, the Pew Trusts' ‘Kids' Safe and Healthful Food Project' has a few thoughts on ways to strengthen the regulations.

For starters, the group says that a loophole in the rules appears to allow junk-food items to be sold as ‘meal items' in cafeterias' ‘a la carte' lines. That exception in the current draft of the rules undermines their overall intent and effect and should be eliminated, said Jessica Donze Black, director of the Pew Trusts' project."

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