''Out of Balance Report: Q&A with Jessica Donze Black''

Publication: New PublicHealth

11/01/2012 - ''A new report released today examines state standards for the types of snacks that can be sold in secondary schools. The report was developed by the Kids’ Safe & Healthful Foods Project, a joint initiative of RWJF and The Pew Charitable Trusts that is focused on ensuring all foods and beverages in school are healthy and safe.

Some of the findings were discussed earlier this week at a session at the American Public Health Association annual meeting, and the full report is now available online. NewPublicHealth caught up with Jessica Donze Black, the project’s director, to learn more about the report.''


''Jessica Donze Black: Many children get as many as half of their daily calories while at school, so what they eat and drink there does play a major role in contributing to their overall health and well-being.''

Read the full article, Out of Balance Report: Q&A with Jessica Donze Black, on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's NewPublicHealth blog. 

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