''Halloween’s over, but the junk food deluge isn’t''

Publication: Washington Post's blog On Parenting

Author: Janice D'Arcy

11/01/2012 - "Today may not be the best day for us to feel more anxiety about how much junk food our kids eat. My daughters could take a bath in all the loot they scored last night.

Or, it may be the most apt time. As many of us are witnessing the ill-effects of unfettered access to candy: the poor sleep, mood swings, sluggishness. Not many school kids are going to be in top learning shape today.

Into this sugar crash comes a newly released report from the Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project on how much access kids have to junk food every day.

'Out of Balance' examined snack food availability at secondary schools across the country. The surveys did not include cafeteria breakfast and lunch menus, which have already received much scrutiny and have improved this year with the introduction of more nutritionally sound federal standards.

It’s the vending machines and other food venues on school campuses that are like the Wild West. These are now especially popular as students try to find alternatives to the healthier cafeteria options.

This report finds that, more often than not, those kids can easily find that junk. For instance, in 49 states, fewer than half of secondary schools sold any fruits and vegetables outside the cafeteria."


Read the full article, Halloween’s over, but the junk food deluge isn’t, on the Washington Post's On Parenting blog website. 

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