Every Week is Shark Week

Source Organization: Pew Environment Group

08/13/2012 - For 25 years, Discovery's Shark Week has offered television viewers a unique look into the world of sharks, the ocean’s top predators. But at the Pew Environment Group, it's always Shark Week.

For nearly 400 million years, various types of sharks have patrolled the oceans, weeding out the weak among prey and maintaining balance in the marine ecosystem. But in the past half-century, overfishing of sharks has devastated their numbers, and up to 73 million are killed each year, primarily for their fins. In recent months, though, conservation efforts have led to several key victories for sharks. PewEnvironment.org features videos, infographics and slideshows detailing these accomplishments.

Click on the photos below to visit PewEnvironment.org and learn more about what has been done globally to save sharks.

The Bahamas prohibits commercial shark fishing  IATTC agrees to protect oceanic whitetip sharks

Chile bans shark finning  Tokelau declare shark sanctuary

Republic of the Marshall Islands establishes shark sanctuary  ICCAT bans retention of silky sharks

Honduras burns shark fins  Venezuela bans shark finning

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