Inquirer Editorial: Can Solve Voting's Flaws Without Requiring ID

Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer

02/16/2012 - A national survey showing flaws in voter record-keeping offers further proof that Harrisburg and other Republican-run state capitals pushing to require government-issued photo identification to vote are ignoring a glaring problem while battling virtually nonexistent voter fraud.

The finding announced Tuesday by the Pew Center on the States demonstrates the need to clean up voter rolls that are muddled by duplicate and out-of-date registrations.

Among the issues needing attention are purging the rolls of voters who have died or moved and registered elsewhere and correcting data that's incorrect in other ways. Such registration problems led to 2.2 million votes being lost during the 2008 elections, according to experts.

What the Pew study did not find, though, was any evidence that the bad record-keeping has led to voter fraud.

Read the full editorial, Can Solve Voting's Flaws Without Requiring ID, on the Philadelphia Inquirer's Web site.

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