Sharks Most Often Caught by Indonesia, India ... and Spain?

Publication: Los Angeles Times

Author: Emily Alpert

02/01/2012 - Sharks -- they’re not for dinner. Not at the Herbal Café in Beijing, at least, where customers can belly up to a bowl of imitation shark-fin soup. Shunning the real thing has become a popular environmental statement in China, kind of like avoiding fur or driving a Prius, Jonathan Kaiman reports for The Times.

That’s good news for conservation groups, which have blamed shark finning for driving some shark species to the brink of extinction. The nonprofit Pew Environment Group singled out the worst offenders last year, using United Nations data to identify the 20 countries that reported catching the most sharks from 2000 to 2008.

If you're used to thinking of shark killing as a problem only in Asian countries where shark-fin soup is popular, you may be surprised to see Spain, France and the United States on the list at all.

Read the full article, Sharks Most Often Caught by Indonesia, India ... and Spain?, on the Los Angeles Times' Web site.

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