The Health Impacts of Transportation

Publication: The National Journal

Author: Fawn Johnson

01/09/2012 - Like a drunk uncle at a family funeral, transportation projects in major cities tend to air out a community's normally hidden dirty laundry. In the abstract, it is hard to dispute the value of an efficient intercity mass transit system. But when a light rail or subway project threatens to change the landscape of long-inhabited neighborhoods, the impacts become more mixed. Gentrification, regional job opportunities, poverty, housing, and traffic all become part of the discussion.

Last week, the Pew Charitable Trusts released a report that illustrates the complexity of these questions. Pew and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded a study by a trio of community organizations--an in-depth health impact study of a light rail line being constructed in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


Read the full article, The Health Impacts of Transportation, on the National Journal's Web site.

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