Our Role In Saving Sargasso Sea

Publication: Bernews

01/05/2012 - Bermuda and its surrounding waters lie within the Sargasso Sea, an enormous mass of water that is driven in a clockwise direction by strong ocean currents.

Floating on its surface are large mats of unique seaweed known as Sargassum [pictured], which support a unique variety of marine life. The seaweed — which washes ashore here during winter storms — plays a crucial role in the Atlantic eco-system.


Currently the international Pew Environment Group lobbying for a marine national park to be established off Bermuda which would protect the Sargasso Sea from commercial exploitation.

Local and international conservationists, teaming with the Bermuda Government, have joined the Pew initiative in an effort to have the Sargasso Sea protected by law.

Read the full article, Our Role In Saving Sargasso Sea, on the Bernews Web site.

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