New Voting Tech Innovations for 2012

Publication: Politico

Author: Mackenzie Weinger

11/30/2011 - Election officials are going high-tech for the 2012 election season — from iPads to online voting to a social media blitz like never before.

Ahead of Nov. 6, states are making innovative changes to make it easier to cast ballots and get information about where, when, and how to vote. On tap for next year: secretaries of state offices are set to carve out a larger presence on Facebook and Twitter, roll out pilot programs offering voters the chance to do everything from marking their ballot on a tablet to finding a polling place on a smartphone app, and allow expanded online voting for some in the military or living overseas.


And 35 states have partnered with Pew Center on the States to use the tools the center and its partners are building and developing to pump up voter technology for 2012. The three main tools Pew is rolling out next year are an app to help military and overseas voters fill out their Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot, a multilingual polling place locator, and an expansion of their existing smartphone app to make it available on more platforms. The app currently offers information on how to register to vote and where to find polling places, but it doesn’t account for all of the states signed on to the project or work on any other platform but the iPhone.

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