Taiwan to Ban Shark Finning

Publication: Reuters

11/29/2011 - You'll find it at many Chinese weddings... it's a popular delicacy and a sign of wealth... shark's fin soup. The soup itself does not contain shark meat... only the shark's fin.... and can cost anywhere from $30 to $200 a bowl, depending on the quality of the fin. Animal rights groups have long protested the means for collecting the fins... Shark finning is the practice of a catching shark, cutting off its fins, then throwing its body back into the ocean. Taiwan recently announced plans to ban shark finning by next year saying their focus is on consuming the entire animal, not just the fin.


Director of Global Shark Conservation for the Pew Environment Group, Matt Rand: "What Taiwan, in my opinion, really needs to do, it needs to stop catching sharks that are threatened or near threatened to extinction, and any other species that needs to have a precautionary limit on the numbers that can be caught, that ensured the survival of these species. RIght now a fins attached policy is far from actually ensuring the survival of sharks. It's not nearly enough."

Watch the full video on the Reuters site.

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