Editorial: Protection for the Ocean Food Chain

Publication: The New York Times

11/11/2011 - People do not eat menhaden, an oily little forage fish. But the fish that people do eat — like bluefish and striped bass — depend heavily on menhaden for their diet. So it is very good news that the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, representing 15 eastern states and the federal government, has now moved to protect the menhaden, an essential link in the food chain whose numbers have plummeted over the last half-century. The commission voted to cut the menhaden harvest 37 percent by 2013, compared with 2010 levels.

This is a victory for consumers and for conservationists like the Pew Environment Group, which for years has been sounding alarms about the menhaden’s decline and its consequences for the ocean ecosystem.

Read the full editorial, Protection for the Ocean Food Chain, on The New York Times' Web site.

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