Editorial: Congress Should Preserve Roadless Nat'l Forest Lands

Publication: Fresno Bee

11/01/2011 - This year marks 120 years of the Creative Act of 1891, the birth of our national forest system.

Harold Steen wrote for the Forest History Society at the 1991 centennial, "The fact that we as a nation decided a century ago to keep these forested lands under federal dominion -- an atypical decision for the time -- shows just how important we believed these lands to be."

Today, more than half of the national forest system of 191 million acres is open to mining, logging, grazing and drilling -- a key economic development resource for the West. The national forests have more than 348,000 miles of roads -- eight times the mileage in the Interstate Highway System.

Read the full editorial, Congress Should Preserve Roadless Nat'l Forest Lands, on the Fresno Bee's website.

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