Editorial: America's Outdoor Legacy Under Attack

Publication: The Denver Post

Author: Joanne Ditmer

10/28/2011 - The Great Outdoors Giveaway Act.

That's what critics call the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act, which would erase current protections on more than 60 million acres of America's undeveloped public lands, including 4.6 million acres in Colorado. The act would affect 55 million acres in national forests and almost 7 million acres in Bureau of Land Management properties, "releasing" them to corporate profit-making decisions.


In an exclusive interview, Doug Scott of the Pew Charitable Trusts, who is considered nation's historian on the Wilderness Act, noted, "The grassroots wilderness movement is bigger and stronger than ever. People send supportive messages, they go to countless meetings, they tell Congress what natural lands they value and why. All across the country, congressmen and women of both parties work collaboratively with local groups to craft guidelines for the untouched lands that locals believe deserve protection. Those local voices are fundamental to wilderness protection, and are not included in the McCarthy bill."

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