Bishop’s Blunder: Misguided Law Aims at Environment

Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune

10/07/2011 - Utah’s Rep. Rob Bishop says his top priority as a congressman is to get a law passed that has little to do with Utah and has been criticized by the very people Bishop says it would help.

Bishop’s National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act would allow the Customs and Border Protection agencies to ignore all environmental laws meant to protect land, air and water within 100 miles of the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico.

Somehow, Bishop convinced the House Natural Resources Committee to approve the misguided bill 26-17. The bill is needed, Bishop says, because the Environmental Protection Agency, Interior Department and other executive branch agencies are stopping the Border Patrol from doing all it can to shut down illegal crossings along the border between the United States and Mexico.

Read the full editorial, Bishop’s Blunder: Misguided Law Aims at Environment, on The Salt Lake Tribune's Web site.

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