Clash Brews over Poultry Pollution

Publication: Wilmington New Journal

Author: Jeff Montgomery

08/14/2011 - Another battle is coming in the long war over regulation of Delaware's big chicken farms over farmers' right to decide how to dispose of thousands of tons of chicken manure every year.

Fueling the latest clash is a proposal to end the state Department of Agriculture's exclusive oversight of manure disposal, giving regulatory control instead to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and the Environmental Protection Agency. Many farmers remain suspicious of DNREC enforcing the regulations, while environmental groups think the new rules don't go far enough to protect Delaware's Inland Bays and Chesapeake Bay, which for decades have struggled with pollution from farm, residential and industrial runoff.


Late last month, environmental researchers associated with the Pew Charitable Trust described the broiler industry's impact on the Chesapeake as "profound" and accused the group of fighting "to avoid responsibility for cleaning up one of our national treasures."

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