Barack Obama Unveils 'Historic' Agreement on Fuel Economy Standards

Publication: The Guardian

Author: Felicity Carus

07/29/2011 - Barack Obama's announcement of aggressive new targets on US fuel economy standards was welcomed today as a "historic agreement" by a leading thinktank.


Phyllis Cuttino, the Pew Environment Group's director of the clean energy programme, said: "This is a historic compromise. It will be the largest acceleration of fuel economy that we've had. Auto companies have said to themselves in good faith that we're really going to try to stretch. Given our history on fuel economy it's very impressive."

Cuttino said the standards were a serious step towards reducing greenhouse gases in transport, the fastest growing source of emissions in the US.

"In the absence of a comprehensive energy and climate policy you really have to take assertive action on smaller practical measures that you can take and implement now because if you're going to wait five or 10 years the curve to meet what science tells us to do becomes ever more steep."

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