Changes Reducing Philadelphia Prison Population, Pew Report Says

Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer

Author: Troy Graham

07/21/2011 - A report released Wednesday credited changes in the criminal justice system with dramatically reducing the number of inmates in the Philadelphia prison system, but said the city must drive down the population even further to reach the goal of closing one of its jails.

From a peak of nearly 10,000 inmates in January 2009, the population in the city's six jails has dwindled to 8,200 - and dropped below 7,700 in the spring.

The biggest reasons are fewer inmates being held before trial and fewer held for violations of parole or probation, according to the report, from the Pew Charitable Trusts' Philadelphia Research Initiative.

Read the full article, Changes Reducing Philadelphia Prison Population, Pew Report Says, on the Philadelphia Inquirer's Web site. 

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