Grand Canyon Mining Ban Extended

Publication: Associated Press

Author: Felicia Fonseca

06/21/2011 - The Interior Department has extended a temporary ban on the filing of new mining claims near the Grand Canyon with an eye toward protecting 1 million acres and giving the federal government more time to study the economic and environmental effects of mining.

The department has been analyzing whether to prohibit new mining claims on up to 1 million acres near the park, or allow the mining industry to add to the thousands of claims already staked in the area. A temporary ban enacted in July 2009 was set to expire next month but will now last until December.


"We commend the Obama administration for making a clear commitment to give the Grand Canyon long-term protection from new uranium mining at its doorstep," said Jane Danowitz, public lands director for the Pew Environment Group. "For decades to come, Americans will benefit from today's far-sighted decision to safeguard this natural icon."

Read the full article Grand Canyon Mining Ban Extended on the Denver Post's Web site.

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