Opinion: Ex-Governor Sees the Light on Green Issues

Publication: Boston Globe

Author: Derrick Z. Jackson

06/18/2011 - With the gusto of a liberated politician, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said the American ethos of “consume, consume, consume,’’ has to give way to a national environmental policy. She said it also has to give way to a new way of speaking to Americans about the environment.

“Terms like climate change, greenhouse gases, cap and trade, people don’t understand them, they don’t know what they mean,’’ said Granholm, now a senior clean energy adviser for the Pew Charitable Trusts. “Those terms are not going to fly on the national level. We’re at the point where we have to talk about pragmatic policy. We have to get the debate to the everyday level.’’


We know where “working with’’ Detroit got us— the near-collapse of General Motors and Chrysler. Granholm said the crisis was pivotal for her as she travels the country in the hope that state-level clean energy innovations and investments can be knit together into national legislation. Earlier this year, a Pew report found that the United States, once the world leader in investments, is now behind China and Germany and risks a further slide without “predictable, ambitious, long-term clean energy policies.’’

Read the full op-ed Ex-Governor Sees the Light on Green Issues on the Boston Globe's Web site.

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