Maintaining Pre-K Day, via Tuition

Publication: The Texas Tribune

Author: Morgan Smith

06/16/2011 - The 82nd Legislature delivered a fatal whack to state grants for full-day pre-kindergarten. But some public schools are refusing to let the budgetary machete finish off their early-childhood programs, choosing instead to charge tuition.

The state offers half-day pre-K for children who cannot speak English or are from homeless, low-income, foster or military families. That remains fully financed in the budget, according to the Texas Education Agency.

Many districts opt to expand this standard half-day to a full-day program, which studies say increases the benefits of early-childhood learning, making students less likely to drop out, repeat grades or need remedial course work. Last biennium, the state awarded about $208 million in grants to support full-day programs. In the 2012-13 budget, that money is completely eliminated.


Albert Wat, a project manager for Pre-K Now, a campaign of the Pew Center on the States, cautioned against that, saying parents can be “caught between a rock and a hard place” when faced with paying for early education. “Just because families are doing it,” he said, “policymakers shouldn’t assume they can afford to do it.”

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