Opinion: Bring Back the 20 Stinging Lashes?

Publication: Chicago Tribune

Author: Clarence Page

05/29/2011 - When Peter Moskos' new book landed on my desk, I wasn't sure if it was going to be a treatise on crime and punishment or some sort of kinky sex manual.

Its title: "In Defense of Flogging."

You rascal, I thought. Moskos, a former Baltimore cop who teaches law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, knows how to catch our attention.

It's not giving away too much to say that Moskos doesn't really want to bring back flogging. But he doesn't like our correctional system, either. And as long as we insist on fooling ourselves with well-meaning fantasies like the "war on drugs," he says, nothing is going to get better.


State spending on corrections has quadrupled during the past two decades to $52 billion a year, according to an April study by the Pew Center on the StatesThat's a burden surpassed only by Medicaid as the fastest-growing item in state budgets.

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