The Great Conspiracy Theory

Publication: Salt Water Sportsman

Author: Rip Cunningham

05/04/2011 - Now I'll admit that I am a little naive and basically too trusting of people, or maybe more precisely, too trusting of their motives for wanting to do things. And yes, I was born at night. Just not last night.

OK, so what does this have to do with managing our nation's fisheries? For some, the conspiracy seems to have everything to do with fish and their habitat. They believe that a massive movement is pushing managers toward using exclusively catch shares as a management tool. For others, that theory is a bunch of BS conjured up by anti-regulation crackpots with too much time on their hands and too little brainpower to figure out something constructive to do. I come down somewhere in between those two extremes but definitely lean toward the latter end of the spectrum. I happen to believe that catch shares can be a very useful management tool in certain situations. I also believe there are people within the federal fisheries management hierarchy who think catch shares should be one of the tools in the management toolbox. But a great conspiracy? Gimme a break!

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