Former Michigan Governor Granholm Promotes Clean Energy Innovation in Ohio

04/26/2011 - Former Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm heads to Columbus, Ohio this week to continue her national campaign to highlight how clean energy policies can help create jobs, stimulate innovation, spur private investment and enhance America's competitiveness in the global clean energy race. Gov. Granholm will give the keynote speech at the UCEAO 5th Annual Conference this Wednesday, April 27th.

During her visit to Little Rock, Arkansas last week, Gov. Granholm toured LM Wind Power, which manufactures turbine components, and visited with community leaders, elected officials and students before hosting a forum at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe joined Gov. Granholm for a discussion on the role national policies can play in helping to build a clean energy economy. 

"Wind represents 43 percent of the renewable power sector in the United States, and Arkansas has wisely put in place policy to strengthen the economic opportunities associated with manufacturing," said Gov. Granholm. "As a nation, we need to advance policies that not only produce clean power and technology, but also make cars cleaner, industry more efficient and renewable energy more accessible and affordable."

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe added, "When fuel prices are high, we see initiatives for more renewable, clean energy in America, but our national memory becomes short once the price of gas drops.  The frequency of recent spikes in fuel prices illustrates once again how wind and other clean-energy sources can create jobs and reduce our dependence on other countries."

Upcoming stops will include Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, among others. Check the Clean Energy events page for upcoming tour dates and locations.

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