Bill Would Ban Filming of Minn. Farming Operations

Publication: The Associated Press

04/12/2011 - Minnesota has become at least the fourth state to consider legislation that would make it illegal to make audio or video recordings at an animal facility without permission, an industry-led backlash against undercover videos made by animal rights groups that have exposed cases of alleged mistreatment.

Bills were introduced last week in the Minnesota House and Senate. No committee hearings have been scheduled yet.

The bill's chief Senate sponsor, Sen. Doug Magnus, R-Slayton, told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis for a story published Friday that the bill is "aimed at people who are harassing and sabotaging these operations."

"These people who go undercover aren't being truthful about what they're doing," Magnus said.

Livestock and crop operations, hatcheries, research facilities and kennels are among facilities covered by the bill. Producing video or audio recordings at facilities, or even possessing them, would become illegal.

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