Marine Parks Spark Sea Wars

Publication: The Australian

Author: Graham Lloyd

12/24/2010 - After a 14-hour overnight shift pulling up lobster pots in rough seas about 40km off the West Australian coast, the crew of the trawler Night Stalker has had a welcome reminder of the good times that once made the rock lobster business the millionaire factory of the sea.

Below deck, $50,000 worth of crayfish are packed into plastic crates, submerged in special holding tanks flushed with seawater. Hundreds of pots have been winched to the surface, each containing more than a dozen crayfish.


Michelle Grady, of the Pew Environment Group and Save our Marine Life alliance, says claims that half the coastline will be closed to fishing for 200 nautical miles out to sea are rubbish. "Within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park only 34 per cent of the area is closed to fishing," she says.

"What we are looking at is a network of GBR-type parks around the coast. Within those parks will be sanctuary zones.

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