Aggressive Clean Power Push an Economic Plus for U.S.

Publication: Greenwire

12/08/2010 - The United States will attract $245 billion in new clean power investments over the next decade but could gain nearly $100 billion more if aggressive policies are adopted, according to a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts and Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The report, "Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity," examines the market for clean power growth between now and 2020, focusing on the G-20 countries.

The $2.3 trillion figure refers to the authors' estimate for growth in clean power assets among G-20 nations over the next 10 years, if they adopt strongly supportive policies. Under a "business as usual" scenario, those investments would total $1.7 trillion, they predicted.

"In all scenarios, clean energy power investments shift to Asia, led by dramatic increases in China and India," the report says. It says the United States, India and the United Kingdom have the most to gain from adopting aggressive policies, compared with what those countries have in place now.


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