N.E. Fishery Meeting Buoys Cape Fishermen

Publication: Cape Cod Times

Author: Doug Fraser

11/19/2010 - While no one item dominated the agenda, Cape fishermen left this week's three-day New England Fishery Management Council meeting at the Ocean Edge Resort relatively satisfied.

The New England council is one of eight regional bodies whose appointed members include fishermen and representatives from industry, government and environmental organizations. Members write management plans for fish stocks to maintain or rebuild .

Many Cape fishermen have been lobbying for rules to push large herring boats further offshore. They want to preserve inshore stocks of herring that attract bluefin tuna, cod and other fish to areas that can be reached by smaller vessels. Local fishermen are also concerned that large vessels towing big nets with a relatively small mesh size are unintentionally catching juvenile haddock in areas that have been closed to most fishing since 1994.

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