Suit Seeks Action to Protect Shad and Herring

Publication: The Daily Record (Maryland)

11/02/2010 - An environmental group has filed suit against state and federal fishery management agencies, saying the agencies turned responsibility for protecting shad and river herring populations into a finger-pointing blame game while the fish stocks declined.

Spawning populations of both species — which once packed the region’s rivers each spring — are at or near all-time lows along the coast and in the Chesapeake Bay.

The suit, filed by Earthjustice against the Silver Spring-based National Marine Fisheries Service, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and coastal states, contends fishery managers have done little to prevent the fish from being caught as bycatch in other fisheries. Bycatch is the term for any fish other than those targeted as a catch, unintentionally caught during fishing.

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