Bad News for Bluefin Tuna Keeps on Coming

Publication: Time's Ecocentric Blog

Author: Krista Mahr

11/19/2010 - The beleaguered bluefin was dealt another blow this week when the European Union, under pressure from France, Spain, Italy and Malta, all of which have a stake in the lucrative tuna fishery, backed down from lobbying for slashing quotas of the eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna at talks this week in Paris.

The EU fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki had at one time advocated for more than halving the 2010 quota of 13,500 tons for 2011, a number that will be determined at the 10-day meeting now underway of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), the body charged with managing the stocks of the Atlantic bluefin.


"It was very disappointing," says Dr. Susan Lieberman, director of international policy for Pew Environment Group. "It shows a lack of willingness to recognize the reality of all of the fraud in this fishery."

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