Tuna Conservation Meeting Opens in Paris

Publication: USA Today

Author: Elizabeth Weise

11/19/2010 - The fate of a good portion of the world's sharks and Atlantic bluefin tuna are in the hands of the 48 member nations of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas, which opened its annual meeting in Paris, France on Friday.

Tuna especially are considered on the edge of extinction, with populations down by as much as 85% since 1970 by some estimates.


However the management isn't going well. Over the past 30 "ICCAT has overseen dramatic declines of Atlantic bluefin and shark populations," according to the Pew Environment Group. By some estimates, bluefin populations have gone down 85% since 1970. Sharks are hurting too. As many as 73 million sharks are killed each year, in large part only for their fins, which are a population and high-prestige soup ingredient in China. As that country has grown more wealthy, the demand for fins has increased dramatically.

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