Health Care Law Yields Triumphs (Fall 2010 Trust Magazine Briefly Noted)

Source Organization: The Pew Charitable Trusts

Author: Daniel LeDuc

11/19/2010 - While Pew did not engage in the larger health care debate, several campaigns nevertheless secured important reforms in the final law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama earlier in the year.

These reforms include the Physicians Payments Sunshine Act, a provision championed by the Pew Prescription Project that will require drug and medical device manufacturers to publicly report gifts and payments to doctors and teaching hospitals—an unprecedented level of transparency.

The new law also establishes a $1.5 billion, five-year federal grant program for states’ evidence-based home visiting initiatives serving new and expectant families, a victory for the Pew Home Visiting Campaign.

The Pew Children’s Dental Campaign advocated successfully for legislative language that expands dental coverage to more children through insurance marketplaces set up by each state, provides grants for school-based sealant programs and permits Native American tribes to employ new types of dental professionals authorized under state law to reach remote and underserved populations.

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