GOP Wins Big Despite Party's Low Favorability

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

11/03/2010 - Fueled by economic anxiety and unhappiness with Democratic stewardship of the country, an older and much more conservative electorate than in 2006 and 2008 propelled the Republican Party to a broad victory in yesterday's elections.

As pre-election surveys had predicted, the Republican Party enjoyed a wide enthusiasm gap. Conservatives and older voters made up a much greater share of the electorate than they did in 2006; and more voters opposed activist government than did so two years ago. These groups all voted for Republicans by wide margins, according to exit polls by the National Election Pool, as reported by CNN.

The proportion of self-described conservative voters increased by nearly a third from 2006 -- from 32% to 41% -- and is the highest percentage of conservative voters in the past two decades.

Read the full report Unpopular GOP Wins Across-the-Board Victory on the Pew Research Center's Web site.

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