For Voters Who Need Help, Sites And Apps Aplenty

Publication: NPR

Author: Pam Fessler

11/02/2010 - Confused where to vote Tuesday? Don't know the rules? Not sure if you're even registered? There are loads of websites, Twitter feeds and mobile phone apps out there to help you. 

In fact, just about every election office in the country these days has a website where voters can get basic information — such as polling times and how to cast a ballot. Many can direct you to your polling location and, if you provide some personal information, tell you whether you're officially registered.


Help isn't hard to get. Ask a very simple question — such as "Where do I vote in Virginia?" — on Google, or some other search engine, and a lot of useful  information comes up, says Doug Chapin, director of election initiatives with the Pew Center on the States.

Listen to the story or read the article For Voters Who Need Help, Sites And Apps Aplenty on the NPR Web site.

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