Facebook Busts Out 'I Voted' Button

Publication: MSNBC.com

Author: Wilson Rothman

11/01/2010 - Possibly just in order to remind you that it knows your exact age (among other things), Facebook is posting reminders on the newsfeeds of all U.S. users age 18 or older that tomorrow is Election Day, and that they should go vote. Those aren't just empty words: A link in the posting will take people to a Polling Place Locator, with maps. Those who did vote—or enjoy lying about their participation in democracy—can click an "I Voted" button.


A note about the Polling Place Locator: It's not smart enough to know if you're eligible to vote, whether you filled out all the necessary paperwork and have your address up to date and all that. It just tells you where you should go, assuming you're registered to vote at the address you enter. The service is brought to you, via Facebook, by the non-partisan Voting Information Project.

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