Editorial: Don't Back Down: Protect Our Water

Publication: Des Moines Register

02/11/2010 - This state long took it for granted that farm-field runoff would pollute our waterways. Then the 2009 Legislature passed a bill that prohibits spreading manure on snow-covered or frozen ground. It has flaws, but acknowledges the need for better stewardship.

Now, two bills in the 2010 Legislature aim to weaken the 2009 law. House File 2324 and Senate File 2229 would exempt confinement feeding operations built before last July 1 - and not expanded after that - from having to construct or expand a manure storage structure to comply with the law. That would, in effect, allow some producers to spread manure on snow-covered ground during the ban from Dec. 21 to April 1.

Lawmakers should reject this effort to undermine the 2009 law.

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