Fishing with Pew

Publication: Asbury Park Press

Author: Kirk Moore

10/01/2010 - This ride of out Shark River Inlet does not look promising.

Under a gray sky, Captain Bill Hoblitzell of Outback Fishing Charters surfs his 26-foot SeeVee boat on big swells that Hurricane Igor is pounding out from hundreds of miles away, still south of Bermuda.

Hoblitzell and his friend Dave Bard scan the ocean for gulls circling over false albacore and bluefish, but both fish and birds have bailed in the face of this weather.


By mid-morning, the sun is out, a west wind beats down the swell, and Bard and his co-workers from the Pew Environmental Group are hooking up blackfish, black sea bass — and even some of those summer flounder that Pew activists insisted were in dire danger for years.

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Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information view the materials here.

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