A Maritime Eden

Publication: News.ORF.at

09/28/2010 - The way that Jay Nelson, the director of Global Ocean Legacy describes the Chagos archipelago is so bewitching, it reminded me of the passage in Alex Garland’s The Beach, where the two American students Zeph and Sammy lyrically describe this paradise off the coast of Thailand as a pristine world of “waterfalls surrounded by thick jungle.”

But the Chagos Islands are real. Indeed the series of tropical islands and unspoiled coral reefs, have been described as “the most pristine tropical marine environment on Earth” and this year they became host to the world’s largest marine reserve - a 545,000 square km area that Nelson describers as a “vital biodiversity hotspot”.

Read the full article A Maritime Eden and listen to an audio recording (MP3) of the interview with Jay Nelson.

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