Taxed Enough Already?

Source Organization: Pew Research Center

09/20/2010 - Many Americans are angry with Washington. The public has a very low opinion of both political parties and their political leaders. Support for congressional incumbents is at a historical low. Attempts by the government to turn things around are seen as ineffective or worse. Most see government policies as helping banks, corporations and wealthy people while doing very little for the middle class and small business; few believe the stimulus did much to prevent job losses.

But despite all the animosity aimed at the nation's capital, one usual political punching bag is actually not seen as villainous as it once was: taxes.

A spring Pew Research survey took an in-depth look at the growing discontent and anger Americans harbor for their government. While the government, its agencies and its priorities have rarely seen such low levels of trust and favorability, more among the public said that they pay about the right amount in taxes considering what they get from the federal government (50%) than said they pay more than their fair share in taxes (43%). Not surprisingly, just 3% were willing to say they pay less than their fair share in taxes.

Read the full report Taxed Enough Already? on the Pew Research Center Web site

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