Shark Attack Survivors: Save the Sharks!

Publication: CBS - "The Early Show"

09/14/2010 - You might think survivors of shark attacks would do anything in the world to not see a shark again. But, in fact, some hope to see many more sharks in the world's waters.

On "The Early Show," co-anchor Harry Smith pointed out that, for many people, the word shark conjures up images of fierce killers.


Salamone said after her attack and long rehabilitation, she wanted her revenge against sharks.

"I really didn't know the plight of sharks too much. ... I wanted to eat shark steaks. I was not happy. Eventually, though, I saw it as a test of my commitment to environment conservation and joined the Pew Environment Group."

Read the story and watch the video of Shark Attack Survivors: Save the Sharks! on the CBS Web site.

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