Gulf Oil Spill Fuels Alaska Village's Fears Over Offshore Drilling

Publication: The Denver Post

Author: Mark Jaffe and David Olinger

08/29/2010 - When the whaling crews of this Arctic village landed a 50-ton bowhead whale in June, almost the entire community of 700 Inupiat Eskimos went onto the windswept ice to load the whale meat onto sleds.

While the Inupiat were following a tradition at least 2,500 years old, entire fishing fleets in the Gulf of Mexico sat idle as a blown-out BP well spewed 5 million barrels of oil.


"That's a start, but more needs to be done," said Marilyn Heiman, director of Pew Environment's Arctic program. Alaska, she said, offers a "road map for reform."

Read the full article, Gulf Oil Spill Fuels Alaska Village's Fears Over Offshore Drilling on The Denver Post's Web site.

The Pew Environment Group’s offshore energy reform work is now a part of Pew’s Arctic Ocean Program.

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