J&J Starts Disclosing Drug Unit's Payments to Doctors

Publication: Wall Street Journal

Author: Peter Loftus

07/09/2010 - Johnson & Johnson publicly disclosed for the first time payments it made to doctors, becoming the latest drug maker to try to improve transparency of its marketing practices.

But if investors want to browse the J&J data or look at the big picture, they are in for some work. The information about J&J's payments to individual doctors is spread across at least three reports posted on websites of the various operating companies of J&J's pharmaceutical unit. And J&J isn't publicly disclosing aggregate numbers for how much it spent or how many doctors received money, as some rivals have done.


"It's not all in one place," said Allan Coukell, director of the Pew Prescription Project, which has advocated for increased disclosure of industry payments to doctors. "We would have rather seen the multiple J&J sites consolidated into one. That said, I give them credit for doing what they've done. We applaud any company that takes voluntary steps towards this kind of disclosure."

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