Pew Study; Charters' Boom Sitting Well With Parents

Publication: Philadelphia Daily News

Author: Valerie Russ

06/29/2010 - Philadelphia's charter schools, which didn't exist 13 years ago, now have more students than Catholic schools in a city where "education is in the midst of a sweeping transformation," a new study has found.


But even with more choices, parents say there are still not enough quality options, according to the report on how parents make educational choices, released today by the Pew Charitable Trusts' Philadelphia Research Initiative.

Titled Philadelphia's Changing Schools and What Parents Want from Them, the study also said it is difficult for many parents to navigate what's available.

"What parents think makes a huge difference," an executive summary of the study said. "The expansion of options has given them greater control over their children's education and school leaders are trying to respond to what parents want and need."

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