Latin Americans Received Pew Fellowship in the Biomedical Sciences

Publication: Associated Press

06/17/2010 - Scientists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico were selected to receive the 2010 Pew Fellowship for Biomedical Sciences, to investigate and strengthen this branch of science in the region.

The Pew Charitable Trusts said in a statement that the program aims to "further scientific knowledge, promote exchange and collaboration, and strengthen the research community in Latin America."

The recipients will receive $60,000 for two years for postdoctoral training with leading researchers in key laboratories and institutions throughout the United States. Subsequently, the program provides an additional $35,000 for each recipient to purchase equipment and supplies to establish his or her own laboratory in their country of residence.

Read the full article, Latin Americans Received Pew Fellowship in the Biomedical Sciences on the El Univsal Web site.

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