Nevadans Debate Economic Impact of Reid’s Push for Energy Bill

Publication: Public News Service

Author: Mike Clifford

06/07/2010 - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the oil spill disaster in the Gulf needs to be addressed, and he set July 4 as the deadline for committee chairs to come up with recommendations for a comprehensive energy package.


Pew Environment Group Nevada representative Dan Geary says both the health of the planet and the Nevada economy will benefit from Reid renewing his push for action.

"It's good news for our economy because it improves our energy security and our energy independence. It's good for Nevada because we can become a net exporter of energy rather than what we are currently, which is a net importer of energy."

Read the full article, Nevadans Debate Economic Impact of Reid’s Push for Energy Bill, on the Public News Service's Web site.

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